Often it is asked that define your Self? Or what is your identity?

One may say I am British, or a Chinese or a boy or a girl, or a Christian or a Jewish. They may also say I’m a doctor or a chiropractor or a naturopathic doctor, considering what is often answered when these questions are asked. As if one’s country or culture or religion or society can define what they actually are like.

Well, this can be considered true if we take it as a general idea.

When we are born, our so-called self is like an empty clean white sheet that has this miraculous ability to absorb every energy around it like a magnet. Now the thing that I call the Energy can be considered the behaviors or actions of others. Now, this clean sheet I talked about will start to absorb colors of all shades, tints, and, tones in the form of these energies and along the way, some stains might make their way to the sheet too.


Now, these energies are a part of our culture and society and play a leading role in making our mindset according to the common mindset that is required for that particular society. Our closest relationship in society is our family and our friends. Our views will most likely be like our family or close friends and that heavily affects the subject that what things we consider good or bad. For example if your family is from some other part of the world and you are American born, you will be in touch with your parents’ cultural beliefs as well as with the ones where you are born and as a result you will have a middle opinion as you are interacting with both the societies at the same time and so your personality or identity will be a mixture of your family and your friends in America.

Every day we absorb different opinion and share different thoughts and ideas with each other and hence as we say every second, we grow and evolve into a different person just by these simple interactions with our societies. Now the outcome is not always a better version of yourself. It may drag out the ugliest in some or could either be used as a tool to control individuals.

We build our mindsets according to the influences around us and the thing that we like or are suggested to us by our close ones. Hence, with this mindset, we are further able to make decisions, to thinks for ourselves and for the society that nurtured us.

Furthermore, a very difficult question arises along these lines that whether we are nurtured or are by nature?

Are we just being forced with all the common beliefs and custom? Or are our identities the product of the circumstance we face and the choice that We made?

Well, the answer may be that that the circumstances are created by our societies and we try to either cop up with them or have the liberty to totally deny them. So, the choice is ours in the end. Society just throws a question at us and we try to answer it with our sufficient experience and as a result, we learn and grow, along with our identities that are built bit by bit. A society never overpowers the identity of an individual, it’s the individual who is overpowered by the society himself. However, this very individual solely has the most profound ability to take charge of who he is and build a new society with his own utmost effort. As it is said if you want to change society first change yourself.