a) The Central European area of Czecho-Slovakia as of late went through a greater number of changes than nations that are typified in their West-European respectability. This has likewise influenced numerous zones of different subjects, where we can see “change seismic tremors”.

On the off chance that we are one day presented to outrageous temperature and one more day to extraordinary ice, we contrastingly respond to our current circumstance than others – we surprisingly make and condition our social living being. We are molding others and being adapted by persistent collaborations. Society carries on like a physical body when, for instance, a lost eye may cause an auto collision and henceforth the ensuing passing. We should keep our eyes open.

The velvet upheaval in 1989 brought a great deal of positive and negative aspects. As a writer says – “In rot lies the most elevated magnificence and the fiend is God’s most elevated goodness. Brilliant is the quick work of demolition in harvest time.” (Edith Södergran, Finnish writer, 1892-1923.) The “quick work of devastation” brought forth things that we just knew about from the Western world – market economy; joblessness; drugs; vulnerability; blast of mysticism; overhanging rock faces between the rich and poor people; psychological oppression. Every one of these areas have their subdomains.

Here I will obviously and quickly portray the previously mentioned impacts on East-Europeans: MARKET ECONOMY – it makes many individuals occupied, guardians possess not energy for their kids, which may bring about social obsessive exercises. More unfortunate monetary circumstance requests to have more positions. Joblessness – we need to concentrate a ton of western writing to realize how to adapt to this weight. It is associated with drugs, betting, violations, suicides, family parts and shudders. Medications – we have a ton of medications. Recently did the authoritative bodies begin to battle against them. There is a little referenced about the negatives of medications in broad communications. A few guardians or kids are totally ignorant about this issue. Vulnerability – its mental effect is more noticeable here than in the West because of the way that we have not yet been familiar with it in spite of individuals in the West. Blast OF SPIRITUALISM – numerous youths are trapped in the hooks of groups and don’t understand that it is just “philosophical Coca Cola” that brings cash and exclusive expectation of life to “Coca Cola masters”. THE RICH AND THE POOR – more obvious contrasts make the more unfortunate individuals more distressful. In any case, the rich feel that cash purchases anything and these individuals are really powerful. This likewise incorporates ideological groups. Psychological oppression – we don’t have illegal intimidation yet with outskirts open there is a potential danger. In any case, the ascent of social obsessive marvels brings forth different clashes of brutality between some social gatherings (business visionaries, vagabonds, and so on) because of the way that some socially neurotic people clarify majority rule government as a likelihood to do everything.

Prague was the capital of Czechoslovakia and some Slovak analysts didn’t care for bunch order believing that had consistently been woven in Prague. Clinicians isolated, as other social gatherings, in two camps – one for autonomous Slovakia, another for Czechoslovakia. (Presently this can be found in a progovernment and antigovernment figuring.) I didn’t have a place with any gathering. I had consistently been against gatherings. Part of associates began to work at governmental issues and furthermore top legislative issues. The significant piece of mental network comprises of clinicians working in guiding focuses, clinics, schools, and other state establishments. They make progress toward better occasions without having acknowledged the product of all-chance world (for example they don’t function as advocates for business exercises or governmental issues).

One associate called the long periods of Czechoslovak mental network as the long periods of lopsided model. In the 1990’s, brain research was acknowledged as an autonomous expert subject. Till then analysts had just been laborers relegated to different master subjects, e.g., school and culture resorts, wellbeing resort, and so forth

The most critical thing was that we had the option to accomplish last parliamentary proposition of the bill concerning mental exercises. We should state that the works for the planning of endless variants of the law and its rehashed entries to the Slovak Parliament were regularly restrained by some our partners instead of by individuals from different callings. At long last, the law No. 199/1994 from thirteenth July 1994 on mental action crawled to light.

There is a huge restriction of reciprocal participation with Czech mental network. Despite the fact that we could discover target purposes behind this condition, I actually feel that we might have accomplished more toward this path.

The positive thing brought by 1989 is the way that brain science escaped political management and that there was a chance of shared rivalry in offering mental types of assistance.

Additionally, we have the law that will begin to continuously control private mental practice to maintain a strategic distance from it to be uncouthly mishandled by wrong hands. This law isn’t in all East-European nations.

In the event that I am to talk about the negatives, let me at any rate notice regular undertaking of some particular gathering interests to be over the advancement of our undertaking and our mental practice in general (bunch thinking). A genuine case of this is the last (and sadly substantial) alteration of the law about automatic weapons and ammo where a necessary mental screening for candidates of assault rifles was avoided. This happened generally because of the way that a few gatherings of associates would not like to deliver shared discourse and more extensive examination probably under solid tension of different gatherings.

b) Here I quickly present the shades of malice and demons of us, the general public: Market economy, joblessness, drugs, vulnerability, blast of mysticism, the rich and poor people, illegal intimidation. I would prefer not to make a thorough examination. Let me rehash that this article is fairly a paper. Presently I will talk somewhat more about each previously mentioned feature.

Market economy. It is the main answer for our future, however it requires a comprehension of all the INTERNET connections of us, the fiends (let me utilize a little humor). In the event that somebody needs to manufacture a market economy and doesn’t understand that we as a whole are the aspect of this world with our common inconstancy, co-obligation and cooperations, he may annihilate others. The result of this, starting at some other conduct, will raise changes. This generally concerns the individuals who have authority and dynamic force. A few market analysts will likely never understand that ravenousness (and absence of ethos) in innovative improvement is in association with social pathology, biology, and other marvels. In the event that you envision how much speculation is going into the pits of dimness, you may have migraines. Let me give you simply a case of American movies of savagery. Envision how much cash is put resources into these movies. Envision youngsters seeing them consistently and attempting to mirror them. I believe that the needs for us, the mankind, are harmony, shared comprehension, resistance of our changeability, help, love, all encompassing methodology, and so on We ought to put away cash for doing and upgrading these qualities and I accept that this could be just done as speakers for general feeling making. The world would be then at any rate somewhat better. These speakers ought to be lenient and instructed men or ladies who ought to be all the more frequently observed on our TV screens. “Demons” from thrillers satisfy just the creators until their youngsters are not killed by somebody who mimics their screenplays. Market economy requires an extremely gifted demeanor of complex management.

Joblessness. This wonder has a great deal of to do with one’s perspectives. On the off chance that you are instructed and fruitless to get a new line of work, you should figure out how to be impervious to maintain a strategic distance from disappointment and wretchedness. Joblessness is connected with our underhanded society. This general public defamed us with an inclination that when you are jobless you don’t mean anything, which isn’t truth. We should change our perspectives in this sense to understand that we are possibly more productive for the world than individuals who are utilized and who annihilate nature and us. This view ought to be proposed to schools and teach kids toward this path. The general public derided us with instrument of “grants” – it is commonly acknowledged that in the event that you are not fruitful, you are substandard compared to other people. This isn’t truth. (For instance, liable for this are lower foundations of instruction. They should utilize unpretentious structures for stamping understudies – colors, worthy pictures of creatures, and so forth, or no checking by any means, yet inspiration should likewise be in thought.) In Slovakia kids are hurt by our educational system however I don’t accept that in the West the educational system is excessively better. Carl Rogers proposed that more cash be given for building up our human climate (e.g., to force a program on schools not to hurt youngsters by making one substandard and another prevalent). The jobless ought to be allowed to be sorted out in social exercises and popular conclusion making.

Medications. I accept that medications are the issue simply because there isn’t adequate data, that there are not advocates who might have position to denounce evil. I accept that it would be less expensive and more proficient than multitudes of shielded cops and fighters who just attempt to stuff up the opening however don’t understand why it is here. At present an exceptionally terrible occurrence occurred in Australia (Tasmania) and numerous individuals were killed by an insane man. Let us take a gander at this function in this light – the individual was miserable (hypothetical development). Why? Society hurt him. How? Envision that he was terminated from his employment simply because he arrived behind schedule to work. What happened at that point? At that point he had an infected appendix and a specialist in a public medical clinic requested a pay off. Did he offer it to him? No. What happened at that point? The general public caused him to feel sub-par. He began despising all the individuals, took